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Hybrid Solar Street Lights-Solution to Kenya’s Problems

Imagine, how risky it is to drive on a dark road? Driving or walking alone on a roadway or highway is very dangerous in darkness than in a lighted area due to the reduced visibility of hazards and other pedestrians walking or crossing the roads. Dim lights or no lights also limits your speed and diverts your attention on the surroundings.

Safe driving does not just depend on the driver but also the existing condition of the road and the lights during the nights. Given the above conditions, the driver has to be extra careful especially when driving at night, which still does not guarantee risk-free road accidents.

The confidence and assurance of a safe and smooth driving increases when you drive by a well-lit road. This way, you at least concentrate on the road while driving which is not achievable when you drive by a dark road.

That’s why streetlights are installed on roads and public places, not only to reduce road accidents but also to control the crimes happening specially in dark areas. People who walk back home after work or school late at night are subject to a higher risk of crime and violence. Above all, it is natural for anyone to feel uncomfortable in dark and shady areas.

Solar lights are the leading lighting systems of the modern world, which are overtaking the traditional lighting systems because of their innumerable merits. They are not only cost efficient, energy efficient but environmentally friendly also. Hybrid Solar street lights installed on roads, highways and lanes are the perfect solution to improve road safety due to the following reasons:

  • These are weather resistant.
  • These have longer service life.
  • They are clean renewable source of energy.
  • These call for much less maintenance or replacement for a longer period.
  • They are designed in such a way that they operate from dusk to dawn getting on and off automatically according to the lighting conditions

Introducing Hybrid Solar Street Lights

Installing hybrid solar street lights to provide well-lit sidewalks reduces the chances of crime while helping ease our reliance on less environmentally friendly sources of energy. They deter criminals and provide a boost of confidence in pedestrians with the inbuilt motion sensor and CCTV.

The hybrid solar street lights work throughout a night and can extend to a couple of nights, if required. They are also capable of coping up with strong winds and the chances of overheating are also very low since the source of light is sun and not electricity.

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