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Victron Inverters in Kenya

Victron Energy, the makers of Victron inverters are based in the Netherlands. They have been in the power systems industry for more than forty years. Victron initially made off-grid solar inverters but in recent years, they have focused more on battery-based and hybrid inverters for home and industrials use. They have earned themselves a strong global reputation for their inverters, solar chargers and batteries.Greenlog Solutions is an authorized distributors of Victron Inverters in Kenya

Victron Energy has possibly the widest variety of solar products of any manufacturer, with everything from tiny solar controllers up to a large 15kVA grid-interactive inverter/chargers. Plus a seemingly unlimited combination of add-ons and accessories to create everything from simple battery monitors to remote AC or DC-coupled off-grid power systems.

General Description

  1. Most Victron inverters have hybrid capabilities, that is, they can be used with solar panels and/or battery bank.
  2. Their inverters are pure sine wave. Learn about the differences between pure and modified sine wave inverters
  3. A range of their inverters come with incorporated smart chargers hence the manufacturers describe them as ‘inverter-charger.’
  4. They come in blue colours.
  5. They come in thick blue aluminium casings.
  6. All screws have pre-cut thread on the Multi. All screws are stainless.
  7. Some Victron inverters have marine capabilities and can be used on ships, boats and yachts.
  8. Their inverters have UPS capabilities. Thus they are able to switch without the appliances turning off.
  9. They have battery protection features that protect the batteries from over-charge, deep-discharge and short-circuiting when the terminals are not properly placed during installation or during use.
  10. They also have technologies that protect appliances that use them from damage.
  11. Their inverters with higher output capacities come with cooling fans to ensure that the inverters do not exceed maximum temperature safety limits.
  12. Though Victron makes batteries which can be acquired with the inverters, their inverters are compatible with all types of batteries, solar panels and charge controllers.




Victron inverters have a relatively low weather rating which means the inverter/chargers must be installed in a protected area such as a garage, shed or dedicated room.


All Victron products are easily linked together with a regular Ethernet cable so they can all communicate. With a remote display, all the information is shown on a very cool and easy to use screen.

High Surge Rating

Victron inverters can withstand a peak output of up to 2.5 times the rated continous peak output for at least 1-2 seconds. For instance, a 3000W rated inverter can withstand a peak output surge of up to 7500W. This is enough for the short start-up spikes from pumps, compressors, inductors, etc.

Remote and Cloud Monitoring

Alongside on-site displays, Victron has smart apps, remote controls and accessories that help to remotely monitor and control an inverter system. They have driver softwares that can be used, with Wi-Fi, LAN or Bluetooth to data-log, monitor and control the inverters from personal computers computers. They can also be monitored from smartphone apps

Phoenix Series

  • The Phoenix inverters are all pure sine wave inverters.
  • They are built for professional duty.
  • According to design, under the Phoenix Series, there is the Phoenix Inverters, Phoenix Inverter Compact, the Inverter Smart, and the Phoenix Inverter VE.Direct. See HD photos below.
  • They come with computer devices and cloud monitoring applications that can be used on any smartphone. All models have a RS-485 port. Together with Victron’s VEConfigure software, which can be downloaded free of charge from their website, all parameters of the inverters can be customized. This includes output voltage and frequency, over and under voltage settings and programming the relay. This relay can for example be used to signal several alarm conditions, or to start a generator. The inverters can also be connected to VENet, the new power control network of Victron Energy, or to other computerized monitoring and control systems
  • Up to 6 Phoenix Inverters can operate in parallel to achieve higher power output. Six 24V 5000VA units, for example, will provide 24kW / 30kVA output power. Operation in 3-phase configuration is also possible.
  • They have the following protection abilities: output short circuit, overload, battery, voltage too high, battery voltage too low, temperature too high, 230 V AC on inverter output and input voltage ripple too high.
  • The capacity of inverters in this model ranges from 1200VA – 5000VA per module.
  • Their input capacity ranges from 12V to 48V.

Product Range and Specifications

Victron Energy have a wide variety of products. They have an inverter range, a range of inverter-charger and solar inverters.

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