Hybrid solar system combines the best aspects of both on-grid and off-grid systems.

Eliminate Power Downtime

No business can afford the downtime that a power outage brings. Hybrid solar helps solve that problem. With batteries, solar and connection to the grid, hybrid solar delivers significant solar savings as well as 24/7 reliability.

Store energy for later. You’re in control.

Hybrid solar systems combine the best of grid-tied and off-grid solar systems. It is basically grid-tied solar with the addition of battery storage. The battery is used to store excess power to offset peak load or night time use. 


How Hybrid Solar Power Systems Works

  1. This generated DC energy is fed into the charge controller which helps in regulating the amount of power to be supplied to the battery.
  2. Depending on the power requirement by different appliances, the inverter draws energy from these batteries and converts it into a usable alternating current.
  3. This generated AC energy is supplied to different loads through the wiring system.
  4. When the battery is fully charged then the solar panel supplies the surplus generated DC power through the inverter and net meter to the utility grid connected and gets paid for this surplus power. 
  5. The stored energy in the battery is retrieved during the non-sunny day or at night depending on the requirement.


  1. Reduced grid dependency
  2. Hybrid inverters come with backup power capacity thus providing uninterrupted power under any circumstances. It allows consumers to consume power from grid, battery or solar.
  3. It can be used as an off-grid solar energy system in case of power failure.
  4. Can retrieve stored energy during cloudy weather or peak evening time (when tariff rates are high) thus saving the electricity bills 

Benefits of a hybrid solar system - is it worth it?

A hybrid system is a great way to be in control of your power supply. You have the ability to be your own energy provider with solar panels and a backup battery, with the added safety net of being connected to the electricity grid.

Hybrid systems will save you money by reducing your electricity bills, which makes the higher upfront system costs worth it.

Does a hybrid system make sense for you?

If you can afford a backup battery in addition to installing solar panels, it is a great option to ensure that your home is consistently powered by solar electricity. 

You will have more stability when connected to the grid and you can still save money by producing your own electricity. If the cost of a backup battery is out of reach, a grid-tied solar system can be a compromise. 

But whatever you choose, installing solar panels is a great choice for saving money and ensuring your own energy independence.