A power backup system for your home and offices is very important as it keeps you working even when there is no electricity

Our range of street light solutions can be customized with an optional selection of battery storage.

The solution is independent of grid outage thus being a highly reliable system.


System design can be scaled to match illumination requirements for streets and partways.

Easy installation and commissioning with pre-tested solutions.


Greenlog Solutions can perform a pre-project site visit to obtain project framing data.


-Completely customizable
-Increases safety and security.
-Easy and quick to install
Plug & play solutions.
Island mode and/or grid-connected.
-Remote monitoring & control of street light status ( Optional ).


Advantages of Inverter Based Power Backup

  • The inverter batteries are rechargeable
  • The batteries help in faster charging and produce a large amount of current
  • An economical choice
  • The inverter batteries work with great efficiency and are highly reliable
  • The batteries do not produce any harmful emissions

Protect Your Business from Long Power Interruptions with Battery Power Backup Systems.

Be prepared before the next time the power goes out with a standby battery powered generator. Get  your own battery backup system for your home or business from Greenlog solutions. A battery backup system allows you to power your essentials when the grid is down. Using sealed AGM deep cycle batteries, this system is safe for indoor use; you can install this system in your closet, in the corner of your office, or make it portable by using a cart.

Solar Power Backup Systems

This system allows you to enjoy uninterrupted power supply all the times and hence allow one to carry out daily functions without fearing for power cuts & trips.
They are noiseless and gives out back up power automatically without the input of a technician once installed. They’re suitable for domestic and medium to high commercial applications.